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Amberstone is an exciting and rewarding place to work. Unfortunately, being an innovative workplace with limited openings and unlimited potential means our name is vulnerable to recruitment phishing scams. Many of these phishing strategies include posing as representatives of legitimate companies, including Amberstone, often using the real names of it’s members to send unprompted recruitment emails. These scams prey on an individual’s desire to find an exciting new job in an often tumultuous job market and can often lead to people overlooking red flags in the process. Should you be contacted by anyone claiming to be a part of Amberstone Biosciences, please make sure that communication and recruitment is consistent with the below. And please, do not provide any financial or personal information!

Legitimate Amberstone Biosciences recruitment will include communication with candidates through recognized professional job-seeking networks (such as Indeed, LinkedIn, UC job boards, etc.) and will only occur through official Amberstone email addresses (domain format is always “” with no variations), or scheduled phone calls and official recruitment platform channels.

Legitimate Amberstone Biosciences interviews will always be conducted via phone, in person, or over a videoconferencing software (Zoom or Microsoft teams, etc.). Any interview claiming to take place over chat or messaging applications is not part of an official Amberstone recruitment process.

Legitimate Amberstone Biosciences offers of employment are based on fit of the candidate to the company needs, culture, and shared mindset. Thus, an offer of employment will only be extended once a candidate has interviewed with a hiring manager and multiple members of the hiring team. Offers will also be made both verbally and in written format.

Legitimate Amberstone Biosciences recruitment will never solicit personal or financial information (including but not limited to: social security numbers, bank account information, date of birth) from a candidate during the application phase. Only once an official offer has been made via official means, Amberstone HR may request personal information from a candidate through established means and official channels to initiate the final steps in the hiring process.

If you are still unsure whether an email you received originated from Amberstone Biosciences or other outside sources, there are often a few ways to identify a phishing scam email:


  • The email is unsolicited: Legitimate companies will not send generic, unsolicited emails about job opportunities, especially if not done through an official recruitment source such as LinkedIn or Indeed.
  • The email does not address you by name: The email may state that your information was received from job boards or recruitment sites. If that were the case, a legitimate recruiter will always address you by name and through the source where your information was found (e.g. if they say  your profile was found on LinkedIn, you would likely receive a message through LinkedIn’s messaging service.)
  • The email originated from a generic Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook address: A legitimate company will email your through their corporate address. Often, scammers will try and spoof a legitimate sounding domain name. However, most companies maintain one official domain format and ours is posted above.
  • They ask you to interview or continue conversation by text: A legitimate interview will take place in person, over the phone, or through videoconferencing applications. As well, all other official correspondences about the recruitment or interview process should take place over email. Moving the conversations to text, makes the scam harder to document.
  • They ask for personal information via email or Google Docs form: Legitimate job opportunities generally require you to apply and enter information in official documents either through the company website, or through official channels after the interview process is complete.
  • The email contains spelling or grammatical errors: Just as the company is interviewing you, you are interviewing the company. This usually means recruiters are also trying to put their best foot forward and will put effort into spell-checking and editing their official emails. A very common attribute of scam emails is multiple errors in grammar and spelling.
  • There is no contact information for the email’s sender: Official correspondences will often be signed with a signature line that includes the sender’s name, title, and business contact information.

If you receive an email that contains this type of information and is claiming to be from Amberstone Biosciences, the best response is to delete it. There is no need to respond or engage with the sender. If you still have questions about the legitimacy of the email, forward it to