Transforming the
Immunotherapy Landscape


A New Lease on Safe Immunotherapies

At Amberstone, we aim to eliminate the issues of dose toxicity interfering with drug efficacy by introducing a safer class of therapeutic agents.

biopharma testing woman with hand and petrie dish

With our proprietary ultra high throughput tunable microenvironment screening platform, we aim to pioneer a new wave of transformative therapeutic discoveries and potential curative biologics. Combined with the conditionally active nature of our pipeline products, we can enable optimal on-target therapeutic effects and minimize off-target toxicities.

Conditionally Active Therapeutics

Therapeutics that only engage under desirable conditions enable safer treatment strategies.

Diverse Library of Therapeutic Agents

Multiple combinations of engagers and agonists allow for an expandable array of potential targets.

Safer Therapeutic Window

Nature of our therapeutics allows for revisiting strategies previously deemed impossible by expanding the therapeutic index.

Broad Patient Base

Strategies are not limited to specific ailments or locations and can be adapted for cancer, auto-immune, and other disease types.

Isolation of Rare Functional Clones

Uniquely enabled by a proprietary microfluidics single cell technology with significantly improved efficiency

Pioneer a new wave of therapeutic breakthroughs.