Developing a New Paradigm
in Therapeutic Potential


Safe and Effective

Amberstone pioneers a next-gen tumor activated immunotherapeutics. While many promising immunotherapeutics show potent anti-tumor activity, their clinical application is often limited by harmful effects to healthy tissues. With our innovative T-MATE™ technology, we offer a precise solution that effectively triggers immune responses in tumors while sparing healthy tissues. Our approach safely unlocks the therapeutic potential of a multitude of immunotherapeutics that have been historically deemed too challenging to develop.

T-MATEs: Tumor Microenvironment Activated Therapeutics

The unique environmentally-specific conditional activation of T-MATEs allow us to revisit treatment options in otherwise intractable targets. The unique modality of our T-MATEs’ binding affinity switch allow us to focus on targets that might prove otherwise too toxic to treat with traditional methods.