T-MATE™ Pipeline

Focusing on generating innovative biological respondents with a unique mode of action coupled with conditionally activated characteristics, we handle high-value disease targets with huge upside potential, which are otherwise intractable for traditional targeting approaches.

T-MATEs: Tumor Microenvironment Activated Therapeutics

*Undisclosed Targets

Platform Technology

Amberstone has developed a microfluidics-based discovery engine (AmberFlow™) that integrates patent-protected systems and methods with our deep understanding of single cell biology. By utilizing single cell functional analysis in a tunable microenvironment, the AmberFlow™ platform enables efficient isolation of rare high-value therapeutic candidates.

Unique Advantages of AmberFlow™

Paving the Way for Safer Therapeutics

Microenvironment Selective

Activated by tumor specific glycolytic metabolism


Antibodies, immunocytokines & fusion proteins

Wide Therapeutic

Significantly reduced off-tumor and off-target toxicity

Flexible Targeting Approaches

Mono- or multi-specific targeting of immune and/or tumor cells

Collaborate with Us

At Amberstone, we are constantly striving to bring our technologies and platform into more realms of therapeutic research. We welcome the opportunity for new partnerships and alliances that can further our goals in discovering next-generation therapeutic biologics.