Transforming the
Immunotherapy Landscape


A New Lease on Safe Immunotherapies

Amberstone Biosciences’ transformative immunotherapeutics eliminate the issues of dose toxicity interfering with drug efficacy by introducing a safer class of therapeutic agents. Traditional therapies can be extremely effective at destroying tumors. However, the high dosage required for efficacy often has devastating effects on surrounding tissues. Our technology (T-MATEs™) allows us to target only the tumor without damaging healthy tissues.​ 

T-MATE to Traditional Comparison Wide_Square copy (3)

Safer Therapeutic Strategy

Our transformative therapeutic strategy allows for revisiting targets previously deemed impossible due to high toxicity.


Our pipeline strategy is adaptable to various tumor types or auto-immune diseases.

Selectively Activated

Our therapeutics only activate under specified conditions and deactivate when conditions are no longer desirable.

Diverse Library of Therapeutic Agents

Our unique combinations of engagers and agonists create an expandable portfolio of therapeutic targets.


Isolation and Engineering of Rare Functional Clones

Our AmberFlow™ discovery platform, driven by proprietary single-cell microfluidics technology,  significantly improves target discovery throughput and efficiency over traditional approaches.

Pioneer a new wave of therapeutic breakthroughs.