Intern – Assay Development

Laguna Hills, CA, USA

About the Role

We are seeking a highly motivated and diligent intern to join our Assay Biology group at Amberstone Biosciences Inc.

The candidate will work under the closed supervision of senior scientists to evaluate our therapeutics leads for immune modulation. The candidate will be involved in a wide-range of biochemical and cell-based assays for the evaluation and profiling of hits from our screens and for lead optimization. Hands-on experience on primary immune cells handling and standard immunoassays are highly preferred.


  • BS or MS in Immunology, Cancer biology, Molecular & Cellular Biology;
  • Preferred experience with cell isolation and culture (primary B, T, NK cells and monocytes/macrophages, cell lines, single cell cloning, lentiviral transduction);
  • Direct experiences with general cellular biology techniques (flow cytometry, ELISA, western blot, etc.);
  • Proven experiences with buffer preparations;
  • Preferred experience with mouse handling (housing, monitoring, weighting, measuring temperature, measuring tumor size using a caliper, blood collection, injections, etc.).

  • Caring mindset; Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills and can thrive in a fast-pace and collaborative research environment;
  • Ability to work with a variable/flexible schedule.
  • Key Responsibilities

  • Cell culture: immortalized cell lines & primary cells;
  • Buffers and media preparation for key cell-based assays;
  • Tumor cell killing assays & immune cell activation;
  • In vivo experiments: assistance with mouse models and husbandry;
  • Immune cell profiling using flow cytometry;
  • Cytokine analysis using ELISA & LEGENDPLEX;
  • Data recording & communication with the rest of the scientific team.
  • Salary/Benefits

  • Paid Internship, compensation will depend on skills and experiences.

  • About the Company

    Amberstone Biosciences is a preclinical biotherapeutic company located in Orange County, California. We discover transformative immunotherapeutic antibodies including bispecific and multispecific molecules that uniquely address tumor microenvironment in part through developing highly innovative single-cell functional discovery platform technology. We believe that innovation is the foundation of our successes and our employees are the most valuable assets. We welcome people with adventurous spirits to join us, grow with us and prosper with us.